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What makes us different from other organisations? We are an independent private institute with no political function. We focus on sharing information with retail professionals and conducting research of practical importance. Together with you, we want to shape the future of retailing. You can benefit from our network, our knowledge and our experience.

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Research Fields


Changes in consumer behaviour in recent years have led to the growing success of e-commerce. More and more brick-and-mortar retailers are going online. For this reason an important goal of multichannel retailing is to integrate processes over all channels. We deal with the logistics of e-commerce under the topic of Fulfilment.

Lars Hofacker, Director Research Ecommerce
Tel: +49 221 57993-22, E-Mail:

Energy Management

Energy costs are a particular burden for retailers. Over the long term, energy can be expected to become scarce and expensive. By optimising energy consumption we can reduce energy costs while conserving resources and minimising harm to the environment. EHI’s Energy Management research area was established in 2008 as an offshoot of Store planning + Design.

Benjamin Chini, Project Manager Research Energy Management
Tel: +49 221 57993-700, E-Mail:

Human Resources

Demographic and technological changes became a challenge for human resources in retail industry. In our expert rounds and networking forums we discuss trends and challenges. Moreover we provide annual studies to support human resources in their strategic work.

Ulrike Witt, Project Manager Human Resources
Tel: +49 221 57993-994, E-Mail:
Vanessa Tuncer, Project Manager Human Resources
Tel: +49 221 57993-704, E-Mail:

Information Technology

Information technology is a critical component of success in retailing. From the POS terminal to central merchandise management with its interfaces to the suppliers, we present possibilities for technological innovation; we document the acceptance of new solutions in the retail trade, deduce organisational requirements, and calculate the economic advantages. As the sponsor of the EuroCIS trade fair, a unique forum on IT issues in retailing, we focus on solutions for the future.

Ulrich Spaan, Senior Vice President
Tel: +49 221 57993-23, E-Mail:


Changing economic, ecological and social conditions have added to the complexity of logistical processes. E-commerce will have a lasting effect as well. We deal with this topic in detail under Fulfilment.

Thomas Kempcke, Director Research Logistics
Tel: +49 221 57993-49, E-Mail:

Loss Prevention + Security

Security has always been a concern in retailing. Inventory discrepancies account for losses of some four billion euros each year in the German retail industry.

Frank Horst, Director Research Loss Prevention + Security
Tel: +49 221 57993-53, E-Mail:


People, brands and media mix – these are the most important elements of successful retail marketing. A communication strategy must focus on people, position the brand effectively and target customers through an efficient mix of online and offline media.

Marlene Lohmann, Director Research Marketing
Tel: +49 221 57993-72, E-Mail:


Efficient packaging contributes significantly to success in retailing – providing it meets all of the many requirements. Besides protecting merchandise, packaging must fulfil the needs of logistics and be effective at the point of sale. This includes easy handling, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness. Packaging also has a significant influence on the customer’s purchasing decision.

Hilka Bergmann, Director Research Packaging
Tel: +49 221 57993-871, E-Mail:

Payment Systems

When choosing a payment method, retailers must consider costs, convenience for customers, speed, and risk of bad-debt losses, among many other factors. In an annual study we investigate the importance of different forms of payment and give recommendations for retailing practice. We analyse and evaluate technical and organisational innovations in close cooperation with retailers, associations of the retail industry and EHI members.

Horst Rüter, Senior Vice President
Tel: +49 221 57993-54, E-Mail:

Property + Expansion

Retailers who are expanding their operations are constantly on the lookout for high-quality retail properties. EHI’s Property and expansion research area supports retailers, companies in the property sector and appraisers.

Marco Atzberger, Senior Vice President
Tel: +49 221 57993-32, E-Mail:

Public Relations

The basis for a positive corporate image is trust. Strengthening this trust is one of the most important tasks of PR. With the increasing number of channels and quickening pace of communication, along with more critical attitudes among consumers, skilful communication management is essential. Our PR advisory board, made up of leading experts, helps to promote professional approaches to communication.

Ute Holtmann, Director Public Relations
Tel: +49 221 57993-42, E-Mail:

Retail Food Service

Gastronomy is gaining momentum in retail environment. Many planning and conversions are currently going towards gastronomic offers. Retail food service concepts are increasingly important in the welcome and well-being process for customers. The EHI-initiative provides a neutral platform for professionals with comprehensive information on the German-speaking market.

Olaf Hohmann, Senior Vice President
Tel: +49 221 57993-699, E-Mail:

Retail Structure

The analysis of structures, key figures and profiles is essential for drawing macroeconomic and microeconomic conclusions. You can find all the data from our research in our comprehensive database, Though online retail is gaining growing market shares, the retail industry is still dominated by brick-and-mortar distribution.

Peter Cyganek, Project Manager Contract Research
Tel: +49 221 57993-27, E-Mail:


The EHI Robotics4Retail-Initiative strives for more transparency in Research & Development as well as in applied solutions for the retail sector. It´s scope is to foster both, supply chain solutions as well as point of sale applications. With it´s 15 partners the Initiative provides expertise to all aspects of Robotics from AI, Sensor Solutions, physical Handling & Movement up to Solution Integration.

Andreas Kruse, Director Business Development
Tel: +49 221 57993-703, E-Mail:

Shopping Centers

The shopping center scene in Germany is extremely dynamic, as evidenced by the emergence of more and more innovative formats. We analyse the market through our research activities, discuss the topic with experts and provide a wide range of data.

Lena Knopf, Project Manager Research Property + Expansion
Tel: +49 221 57993-52, E-Mail:

Store Planning + Design

Changes in shopping behaviour and the growth of online retailing have had an immense impact on the design of retail space. Technology now plays an important role in store design, and dramatic staging of products is common. Owing to the importance of optimising energy costs, a separate research area, Energy management, was established in 2008.

Claudia Horbert, Director Research Store Planning + Design
Tel: +49 221 57993-58, E-Mail:

Ute Holtmann

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