EHI guide booklet: LED use in retailing 2016 (PDF-Version)

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EHI guide booklet: LED use in retailing 2016 (PDF-Version)

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How to choose LEDs. A guide for retail businesses, incl. selection criteria and checklist

  • Test criteria for an objective assessment of the quality, efficiency and robustness of a white LED light
  • Information on the topics of network security, LEDs in false ceilings, LEDs in a refrigerated environment and changes in power supply

Together with the retail trade and the manufacturing industry EHI already in 2013 compiled a checklist for the use of LEDs in retail, containing easy to compare reference parameters on the basis of which the characteristics of LEDs were defined.
Increasing practical experience with the use of the new technology has led to the present updated version. Next to the original information and recommendations, it contains extensive additional remarks on questions such as network security, the fitting of LEDs in false ceilings and the influence of changes in power supply on the LEDs. All this based on actual experiences of retailers in those areas. Important additional information is also provided in a chapter on LEDs in a refrigerated environment
The current EHI checklist was again conceived in close cooperation with trade and industry and geared specifically to the retail industry and its needs. It therefore continues to support the retail industry’s assessment and selection processes as far as the use of LEDs in shop lighting is concerned.