Study: IT Trends in Retailing 2013 (PDF-Version)

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Study: IT Trends in Retailing 2013 (PDF-Version)

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For the updated survey  “IT Trends in Retail 2013” decision-makers of 85 companies were questioned in a personal interview on their IT strategies, investment priorities and technological trends.

Since 2003 EHI Retail Institute has carried out every two years a comprehensive survey on the subject of “IT investments in the German-speaking retail industry”. The used method of investigation for this study is worldwide unique. This sixth edition of the survey, which is now available, reveals interesting facts about the plans and the investment priorities of the decision-makers in retail. The reader will , for instance, be able to gain an insight into the following subjects:

  • Strategy: the TOP projects of the CIOs
  • MultiChannel: What are the challenges for retail and how do they solve them?
  • Enterprise resource planning: standard systems vs. in-house development
  • Checkout systems: decision-making criteria for software and hardware
  • POS technologies: from self-checkout to digital signage: How and where will the retail industry invest tomorrow?
  • Contactless card payment and mobile payment: which new payment methods offer the best turnover opportunities? • IT budgets: status quo and outlook